*We Buy/Sell Used Items*

We Buy, Refurbish, and Sell items that are in Good/Fair condition in the Spokane Area.

These items are Display Only. Not For Sale.

These items are Display Only. Not For Sale.

What Do We Buy?

Almost ANY item of value! Clothes, Books, Furniture, Accessories, Tools, Lawn and Garden Equipment, ETC. Sometimes even CARS!

How Do We Buy It?

We look everywhere, online on websites like Ebay, Amazon, and Craigslist to find items that we like and want to buy. (Mostly Craigslist because it's Local) and will contact the seller, and negotiate a purchase, We go to Auctions, Yard Sales, Swap Meets, and look for items for purchase.

Want to Sell us something?

You can also contact us (Email Only) with a picture of the item, a description of the item, and a price that you would like for the item. If we are interested in purchasing the item with the information/price you have provided, you will hear from us VIA Email within a few Business Days.


We Accept Donations

All donations are for managing the website, supplies for projects to rebuild old furniture and electronics, fuel for travel to Swap Meets, Auctions, Yard Sales, and to purchase items for refurbishments.

We thank you for all donations of all amounts.

What Do We Sell?

We do not have a specific genre of items that we sell. We Buy nearly ANY item of value that we believe we can resell, refurbish the items, and sell them online. The profits help pay for Fuel to go to Swap Meets, Auctions, Yard Sales, ETC, to purchase more items to refurbish.

By the way, Who is "We"?

"We" are Family Owned and Operated.

When I say "We" I am actually referring to only 2 people. My grandmother, Beryl, and I, Brady, who personally run the entire business. There are no other employees. My grandmother and I personally purchase items, tear old furniture apart down to it's bare wood/metal frames, create our own cushions and seat pillows, as well as customize Pre-Made Tables, Chairs, Desks, End Tables, ETC, in an attempt to make *Most* of the products we sell more One-Of-A-Kind and unique. Then, after our products are refurbished to our liking, we list the product here on our website as well as on our Facebook Page.